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  • Smart Twister

    Product description:

    Smart Twister is a new generation of twister and was firstly shown in the ITMA Asia Exhibition in 2012. This twister is in response to the demand for the global customers to look for labor and energy reduction significantly. Besides the demand to sustain low investment costs and lower energy consumption, the customers also take on great importance time and cost of maintenance. Based on the new electronic drive system, Smart is also in innovative design of Central adjustment of balloon and Central adjustment of wrap angle for take-up roller. Customers can adjust the production process very quickly and simplify the operation of machine. 

    Product details:

    Smart Twister uses global leading twisting technology, applying to twisting process of staple fiber yarn.

    Main Features:

    a. Servo drive system uses 3 independent motors to drive respectively. Servo drive can realize: Take-up speed is up to 120m/min; Setting parameters easily; Electronically controlled anti-patterning; Electronically breathing for package dyeing; Oil-free and maintenance-free; Flexible shape of package.
    b. E-save spindles sequence: By optimizing balloon shape, e-save spindle can save up to 40% balloon energy consumption. Minimized vibration noise thanks to all rotary parts of spindle are assembled on damped structure.
    c. All parts which contact with yarn directly are specially surface-treated to protect yarn effectively. Yarn path can be cleaned with pneumatic threading system.
    d. user-friendly interface, can display spindle speed, TPM, take-up speed, set time and set length, which can also set crossing angle, traverse length, breathing function and yarn productivity.
    e. Alternative: Pneumatic threading device, Package lifting device and Tail device etc.

    Smart Twister


    Process Parameter:


    Machine Parameter (SIM-07/08-09/-10/-11):
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