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  • Optim Twister

    Product description:

    Optim Twister is a high cost-effective product in twisting machine sector from Suzhou IMAGIN.  Optim represents a further proposal for ensuring maximum cost-effectiveness of the technological process through manufacturing solutions that allow a reduction in investment with a minimum of energy consumption. Optim has the serialization energy-saving spindles, reliable pneumatic threading device and pneumatic lifting device. In this way, the machine productivity, the quality of the end product, the technological flexibility are maximized together with low investment cost. 

    Product details:

    Optim Twister uses global leading twisting technology, applying to twisting process of staple fiber yarn.

    Main Features:

    a. High-quality spindle guarantees high-quality yarn. Minimized vibration noise thanks to all rotary parts of spindle are assembled on damped structure.
    b. All parts which contact with yarn directly are specially surface-treated to protect yarn effectively.
    c. Convenient adjustment of tension device suitable for all kinds of yarn.
    d. E-save spindle series design can reduce energy consumption to the greatest extent.
    e. Power box and gear box are in both sides of machine to guarantee balance of head and tail and process adjustment.
    f. User-friendly interface, can display: spindle speed, TPM, take-up speed, set time and set length.
    g. Alternative: Pneumatic threading device, Package lifting device and Tail device etc.


    Optim Twister


    Process Paramete

    Machine Parameter(SIM-07/08-09/-10/-11):
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